Manufacturer of rolls, bags - plastic shrink PE - Industrial bags printed up to 8 colors - producer of film wrapper 1 and 5 layers

About Us

Zarin Nylon Parsian Corp, manufacturer of nylon, Naylks, cellophane 
Include a variety of grocery bags and wrappers and packaging 

Grocery bags: promotional, simple grocery bags, nylon shopping snappy Karga state for use in printing, Naylks shirts, all kinds of public Chapdar grocery bags, trash bags, disposable tablecloths single 

Wrapping, packing: various plastic wrap and Sharing Nylon, Nylon Pallet 
Types of packaging wrappers wrappers used in various industries such as automobile parts, household appliances, dairy and food industry, cellulose and Dlsy, agriculture, construction, etc. 

You can print up to 8 colors, using modern machinery and technology 
Stack Flexo and Flexo central cylinder 

Part of the activities: 
• produce a variety of agricultural and irrigation nylon with a simple anti-UV 
• produce a variety of packaging and industrial nylon roll Vshyt 
• produce a variety of single-ply and two-ply nylon Sharing 
• producing all kinds of plastic bags and envelopes as a simple 
• Production of a width of 10 cm to 10 m

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